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Michael Shor, LCSW

Michael Shor is a licensed clinical social worker who offers individual and family therapy for clients with psychiatric and neurodevelopmental disorders. He has a solid background in conventional psychotherapy practice as well as a specialized background in understanding specific needs and circumstances that arise when living with disabilities. Michael’s psychotherapeutic background includes working with clients with mood disorders, trauma, stress and life circumstances. His disability-focused background includes working with autism, ADHD, executive function, life-context, and advocacy.


Michael’s approach centers around analysis and problem solving, and finding practical ways to address both everyday problems and underlying psychological issues. He utilizes cognitive-behavioral therapy, applied behavior analysis, DIR/Floortime, and existential therapy approaches to address a range of psychological and neuro-cognitive and neurodevelopmental issues. When appropriate, Michael utilizes techniques from various spiritual and mindfulness approaches to help improve psychological and cognitive functioning. Michael has specialized background and experience with social skills issues, executive function (organization and attention issues), and living with disabilities.


Michael’s holds a master’s degree in direct practice social work from West Virginia University, a BA in psychology and a BA in consciousness studies from Burlington College, and he has done doctoral coursework in human functioning and rehabilitation science at the University of Vermont.

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